Thursday, January 31, 2008

Warm Summer Rain

It was one those long summer days, where heat blazed from the city streets. The temperature's pressure was changing, due to the dark clouds, rolling in from the west. Energy was picking up all around me. Things were starting to move a little faster, yet at the same time, everything was calm and quiet. As the City prepared to be baptize, I finished up with the daily chores at work. I gather up my things, and did quick wash in the john. I then pulled my bike out my office and headed over towards the loading dock, preparing to leave. I notices that the clouds started to drop, but lightly. I told myself, "I could make it home before the rain really begins." But the streets told a different story. I dodged cars on my left, and people on my right. I headed down a steep concrete hill, picking up some bike speed. It seem the faster I went, the harder the water dropped from the sky. I turn the conner, where the street started to level out. The rain kept coming, but harder and harder. With every drop of rain hitting my face and traffic rushing by, I tried my best, not to hit any umbrellas. My my heart was racing from adrenaline rush that the environment created. I turned into another conner where there was no traffic to calm down. At this point in the bike ride I was drowned by warm summer rain from head to toe. It seem that the rain had found it's steady pace and so did I. I was wet and relaxed from the shower. As I peddled down an old New York neighborhood, you could smell the city's pavement drying from the summer's heat. The trees were being groomed, as old leaves fell down to the sidewalks and streets where being washed from all of life's dirt. I felt that I was in good place, in a good time. I came up on avenue where the street light was red. While I waited for the light to be green, I caught my breath. I rubbed my hands through my hair. It felt so good, my fingers running threw my soft wet hair. Sprinkles of water squirted off the ends of my hair, landing on my face and neck, giving me a very refreshing sensation. Life was grand!! Then out no where, a young lady, loving life, the city, and the rain, walked across the cross walk with the great smile on her face. She seem so overwhelmed with joy nature proved at the time, that it only made me feel just as good and filled with joy. Half away across the street she looked at me, then looked up. She reach out with the tip of tongue, to get a small taste of heaven's dew. A memory that will stay locked inside of me for a long time. Shortly after she crossed the street, she grabbed a cab and then she was gone forever. We were, for one moment, the only two souls in the city, placed  in a good time in our lives, who becoming one with the rain and each other....................................My night angel !!!!

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