Thursday, March 6, 2008

Red Again or another Rose !

Another red head caught my attention. We stood there, shoulder to shoulder, and my eyes kept glancing over towards her. I could see every tiny little freckle in great detail, as they laid on her beautiful face. Some of them overlapping onto her strawberry lips, absolutely stunning! She stood there with a smile on her face, and a sparkle in her eye. Her teeth were perfect white, and her eyes would filled with fire. She was a midnight rose burning in the darkness, fueling passion love. I wish, I had a single rose, to give to her for every day of the week. Wait, is this valentines? No, it 's march madness. I'm filled with madness. A madness of love, memory, desire and maybe even lust, all floating around in my heart and in my mind. I remember my high school "crush." Everyday she came into the classroom after me. She sat two roles from me, and the room seemed to glow with her presence. I said nothing to her, until the last week in my senior year, at a party where I got drunk with other seniors. You know someone told me one time, "they don't call them crushes for nothing." She was rose, filled with fire. More like a midnight........................... night angel!!!