Thursday, January 31, 2008

Warm Summer Rain

It was one those long summer days, where heat blazed from the city streets. The temperature's pressure was changing, due to the dark clouds, rolling in from the west. Energy was picking up all around me. Things were starting to move a little faster, yet at the same time, everything was calm and quiet. As the City prepared to be baptize, I finished up with the daily chores at work. I gather up my things, and did quick wash in the john. I then pulled my bike out my office and headed over towards the loading dock, preparing to leave. I notices that the clouds started to drop, but lightly. I told myself, "I could make it home before the rain really begins." But the streets told a different story. I dodged cars on my left, and people on my right. I headed down a steep concrete hill, picking up some bike speed. It seem the faster I went, the harder the water dropped from the sky. I turn the conner, where the street started to level out. The rain kept coming, but harder and harder. With every drop of rain hitting my face and traffic rushing by, I tried my best, not to hit any umbrellas. My my heart was racing from adrenaline rush that the environment created. I turned into another conner where there was no traffic to calm down. At this point in the bike ride I was drowned by warm summer rain from head to toe. It seem that the rain had found it's steady pace and so did I. I was wet and relaxed from the shower. As I peddled down an old New York neighborhood, you could smell the city's pavement drying from the summer's heat. The trees were being groomed, as old leaves fell down to the sidewalks and streets where being washed from all of life's dirt. I felt that I was in good place, in a good time. I came up on avenue where the street light was red. While I waited for the light to be green, I caught my breath. I rubbed my hands through my hair. It felt so good, my fingers running threw my soft wet hair. Sprinkles of water squirted off the ends of my hair, landing on my face and neck, giving me a very refreshing sensation. Life was grand!! Then out no where, a young lady, loving life, the city, and the rain, walked across the cross walk with the great smile on her face. She seem so overwhelmed with joy nature proved at the time, that it only made me feel just as good and filled with joy. Half away across the street she looked at me, then looked up. She reach out with the tip of tongue, to get a small taste of heaven's dew. A memory that will stay locked inside of me for a long time. Shortly after she crossed the street, she grabbed a cab and then she was gone forever. We were, for one moment, the only two souls in the city, placed  in a good time in our lives, who becoming one with the rain and each other....................................My night angel !!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 29

What are the first words to start with? Remember, that first impressions play a major role. I want to write about this last night angel. I've got to write about this last night angel, its only right!!  However, a recent comment has brought me down and I've lost my motivation. 

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tunnel of Dreams

She walked onto the train right before the doors shut. She looked around and then took a seat. I remember her glasses caught my attention. They were like a school teacher’s glasses, rectangle shape, but all white and a little bigger then the normal size. They sat on the edge of her nose. What was so unique about her, she dressed in all black from head to toe, black shirt, black coat, black skirt, black stocking and black boots. But two items were not black, her glasses and Ipod cord. She had long wavy dirty blond hair and she was a little older then me. I knew she was a least 6 foot tall which gave off a presence that was very powerful. She was the most powerful attractive woman on that train.

Down in the underground and on that long steel rail she listens to her music with her eyes shut. Rolling her head from side to side, and rubbing the back her neck. She looked tired and wished she had someone there to stand behind her and gently placing their fingers in back her head, walking them down her slim neck to her shoulders then giving just enough pressure to force the knots of daily stress out of her body. She looked a little upset as if she was remembering something the night before. I could see it, it was in her face, that she thinking about another person and how good it was. She did not wanted to give it up, but the train continue on its way. I bet it was nice, and sexy if not hot. She wanted to be touched, you could tell. She rubbed her hands together, thumb on the back of the palm as if it was two people laying in bed together gently touching, holding each arms and enjoying the sense of touch. At one point she licked her lips with her tongue, she could even taste it. It was that good. “Bedford Stop” the train said. She opened her eyes but it was not her stop. Picking up her purse and rested it high on her right shoulder. She moved her hair to one side of her head by holding it back with her free hand, tilting her head to the left exposing her neck. I wanted to kiss her neck. When the doors shut again, she went back into her dream state to remember again. Or was it her music from her ipod that just made her body language so attractive. This time it was my stop. I walked to the exit of the station watching the train carrying her into the darkness of the tunnel, The Tunnel of Dreams. It was the same long tunnel where I just came from, and where my eyes were also shut…...…...My night angel!

Whiskey Trouble

“I know you!” were the first words out her mouth. As we sat and caught up with each other she became cuter by the minute. With olive skin and dark hair that was so attracted that any man can feel special to be with. We laughed and joked with each other, as she inched her self closer and closer to my personal space. At one point in the night, I lose my self in her eyes and glance at her smile. She had a beautiful smile. She also carries with her a touch of class, and touch of sweetness. both which surrounded her Ora of energy. You could almost see it with the naked eye due to the street light that came in the lightly draped window at two in the morning. I remember at one point she touched my hand in middle of a conversation and it filled a need that I was missed and long for. I was scared at first, and my heart jumped a beat, but I just went with it because I knew she liked me. Our attitudes were so strong with each other, that laws of attractions only bonded us closer. “You’re Trouble!!” she said. The comment was perfect to make us smile and image what it would be like. This calls for more whiskey, so we can lose each other in reality and make our fantasy come true, I suppose. Man, it was fun taking those shots!! I lose myself in that passion, in the whiskey, and the time building up to go home with each other. And as gorgeous as she was, laying the moon light, that came in her little window I might have been too deep into the passion and to deep into the lust for her, for when the sun rose the next morning and even those fantasies of ours came true, I lost her in reality of life, romance and even maybe friendship forever…I think...... My night angel!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Devil's Blood

After a long depressing, but relaxing day, a blog was created. I was hanging out with a couple of friends, who are to be wed in May of 2009. I observed many joys and pleasures that afternoon. While the minutes of the clock ticked away, bringing me deeper down into the darkness where my longing for a lost love waits. I asked "where she might be?" However, one my loves in my life that day, lifted my spirits to highest peeks of the tallest mountains, which only means trouble, TROUBLE!

Which this my friend, can only last so long in till one comes back down to reality and I realize that I am still alone! The Devil, rules this earth, and feeds lust into a man's soul by being causal. How does he do this? one may asked. By giving you a history lessons in sex and throwing phone sex lines ads on the T.V., and not to forget the bad date with very attractive, young lady, the night before. All which feed little seeds into the mind, that only hurt in the long run. Not pure thoughts! Not pure living!

However, I can not be selfish and only worry about myself. I witness one of the my defining moments with pure love, over diner. It was my closes friends, who they are, my best friends in life, they show nothing but pure love for each other. As pure as the snows that fall on this December Thursday afternoon in New York City.

As the night winds down, it was time to go home. I made that long train ride home. Only to come to my surprise, that some of the boys ,were still up and hanging out at my place. You can only guess what the boys were talking about... SEX, SEX, and more SEX. Man, the devil really knows how taut somebody!! Then the phone rings, one angel that has recently came into my life, was her last night in town. We all had to go say our goodbyes. When the boys and I arrived at the water hole, we came across not only one, but three more angels!!! One angel caught my attention, she was from Kansas, not far from my hometown, we connected while drinking frozen Bourbon. Alcohol, another sinful love, that I do admirer. We laughed and stare at each other, only to wish that time it self will not stop for a couple more hours. Time did not stop, and before we knew it, it's 4 o clock.

"Whats going to happen to us now?" she asked. As both of us knew, we did not wanted to leave each other smiling faces. We made the decision to stay the night with each other. Then to make a long story short, we started our own history of sex story. I could lay in her arms all night. The next day we had very nice brunch and connected a little more while drinking the devil's blood (Bloody Marys). We exchange phone numbers and she has not been out of my head since then...........My night Angel!!!!