Monday, January 28, 2008

Whiskey Trouble

“I know you!” were the first words out her mouth. As we sat and caught up with each other she became cuter by the minute. With olive skin and dark hair that was so attracted that any man can feel special to be with. We laughed and joked with each other, as she inched her self closer and closer to my personal space. At one point in the night, I lose my self in her eyes and glance at her smile. She had a beautiful smile. She also carries with her a touch of class, and touch of sweetness. both which surrounded her Ora of energy. You could almost see it with the naked eye due to the street light that came in the lightly draped window at two in the morning. I remember at one point she touched my hand in middle of a conversation and it filled a need that I was missed and long for. I was scared at first, and my heart jumped a beat, but I just went with it because I knew she liked me. Our attitudes were so strong with each other, that laws of attractions only bonded us closer. “You’re Trouble!!” she said. The comment was perfect to make us smile and image what it would be like. This calls for more whiskey, so we can lose each other in reality and make our fantasy come true, I suppose. Man, it was fun taking those shots!! I lose myself in that passion, in the whiskey, and the time building up to go home with each other. And as gorgeous as she was, laying the moon light, that came in her little window I might have been too deep into the passion and to deep into the lust for her, for when the sun rose the next morning and even those fantasies of ours came true, I lost her in reality of life, romance and even maybe friendship forever…I think...... My night angel!!!


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she sounds like a biatch.