Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 29

What are the first words to start with? Remember, that first impressions play a major role. I want to write about this last night angel. I've got to write about this last night angel, its only right!!  However, a recent comment has brought me down and I've lost my motivation. 


Anonymous said...

more night angels please.

Anonymous said...

no!!!! more night angels, please! i think the person only meant for you to be encouraged and to always make sure you make your best intentions known - and to know you write from a place of GOODNESS and love. press on shawn "don juan" lo, seek your winged angels!!!

Anonymous said...

In regards to your last comment, I wouldn't be concerned about being called a stalker or creepy. Being a male myself, I also fantasize about beautiful women on the subway, the bus, in the park. I may never talk to them, or see them again. Nevertheless, creating a short narrative in my head (or in a blog) about an alternate reality is harmless, and an excellent creative exercise. More night angels!