Sunday, January 27, 2008

Devil's Blood

After a long depressing, but relaxing day, a blog was created. I was hanging out with a couple of friends, who are to be wed in May of 2009. I observed many joys and pleasures that afternoon. While the minutes of the clock ticked away, bringing me deeper down into the darkness where my longing for a lost love waits. I asked "where she might be?" However, one my loves in my life that day, lifted my spirits to highest peeks of the tallest mountains, which only means trouble, TROUBLE!

Which this my friend, can only last so long in till one comes back down to reality and I realize that I am still alone! The Devil, rules this earth, and feeds lust into a man's soul by being causal. How does he do this? one may asked. By giving you a history lessons in sex and throwing phone sex lines ads on the T.V., and not to forget the bad date with very attractive, young lady, the night before. All which feed little seeds into the mind, that only hurt in the long run. Not pure thoughts! Not pure living!

However, I can not be selfish and only worry about myself. I witness one of the my defining moments with pure love, over diner. It was my closes friends, who they are, my best friends in life, they show nothing but pure love for each other. As pure as the snows that fall on this December Thursday afternoon in New York City.

As the night winds down, it was time to go home. I made that long train ride home. Only to come to my surprise, that some of the boys ,were still up and hanging out at my place. You can only guess what the boys were talking about... SEX, SEX, and more SEX. Man, the devil really knows how taut somebody!! Then the phone rings, one angel that has recently came into my life, was her last night in town. We all had to go say our goodbyes. When the boys and I arrived at the water hole, we came across not only one, but three more angels!!! One angel caught my attention, she was from Kansas, not far from my hometown, we connected while drinking frozen Bourbon. Alcohol, another sinful love, that I do admirer. We laughed and stare at each other, only to wish that time it self will not stop for a couple more hours. Time did not stop, and before we knew it, it's 4 o clock.

"Whats going to happen to us now?" she asked. As both of us knew, we did not wanted to leave each other smiling faces. We made the decision to stay the night with each other. Then to make a long story short, we started our own history of sex story. I could lay in her arms all night. The next day we had very nice brunch and connected a little more while drinking the devil's blood (Bloody Marys). We exchange phone numbers and she has not been out of my head since then...........My night Angel!!!!

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Anonymous said...

your sins on earth have led your path astray