Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Pink Box

Red was her color. All I wanted was a pack of smokes from the store. The sun went down, and the streetlights lit the city's sidewalks. The light was reflected in the puddles of water that laid in the street, created from a light rain just moments before. I step in one puddle while walking up to the conner. Thats when I saw her. She was walking across the street slowly. We caught eye contact that when I notice she had red dyed hair, and a facial piercing or two. Black jacket on, red tights, and red boots she wore with red and white ringed knee high socks. As I crossed the street to go into the store she walked away. I notice in her hand, she had a perfect pink box. Cute! I thought. But there was something more about the pink box. Something about that pink box that told me that she was................My Night Angel!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Rock n Roll

I watched her danced around two mermaids in a octagon dome. Black stars hung off the walls. To me, it only mint rock n roll. I've met her twice before, however she only remember me the second time, two weeks ago. I guess I am just as guilty as she is, because after three times, I still did not get her name right. oops! I even looked forward to seeing her too how could I ? She poured me a drink and I sat back to listen to my buddies play some rock n roll. Loud! Rock n Roll! Rock n Roll baby, Rock n roll!! I watch her dance a little more and she poured couple of shots to the group sitting at the end of the bar. After she took her shoot with the group, she walked around the dome, sliding towards me an extra shot that she poured. The play band played on, and she became more and more rock n roll. Rock n Roll, Baby, Rock n roll. Flinging her hair and jumping up and down with the beats. Rock n Roll baby, rock n roll! More drinks she poured, while screening at the band between songs. She had total control of this rockn' joint. There was no doubt that this was her bar. The band was even under her control. I took that extra shoot, swished it in my mouth and swallowed it slowly, it tasted little like rum with sour pinch. I lit a cigarette and felt like a tough guy. Rock n Roll baby, Rock n Roll! My chest was sore from some push-ups earlier in the day. Her body was in great shape! A thought cross my mine quickly, "I could be with attractive girl such as this." Body and mine, connecting in the spirit of rock n roll. Rock n Roll Baby, rock n roll!!! I order one last drink from her. She handed me a flyer for her up coming show. She was in band also where she plays drums, and the rumor saids that she spins records on her free time too. Most likely, I will not attend her up coming show but catch her in two weeks and try do pronounce her name correctly. I wonder if she will remember me. Third times a charm! She is girl who loves her self, loves her music, and loves her drinks. Most important, she loves her Rock n Roll!..............My Night Angel!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Little Maggie

She had real banjo on her knee. Resting her head on the drum, while holding both hands on the neck of banjo. I wonder if she plays, or if she just got it. I could only image what her character is like. I wonder if her name was maggie.......... My night angel!!!