Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Pink Box

Red was her color. All I wanted was a pack of smokes from the store. The sun went down, and the streetlights lit the city's sidewalks. The light was reflected in the puddles of water that laid in the street, created from a light rain just moments before. I step in one puddle while walking up to the conner. Thats when I saw her. She was walking across the street slowly. We caught eye contact that when I notice she had red dyed hair, and a facial piercing or two. Black jacket on, red tights, and red boots she wore with red and white ringed knee high socks. As I crossed the street to go into the store she walked away. I notice in her hand, she had a perfect pink box. Cute! I thought. But there was something more about the pink box. Something about that pink box that told me that she was................My Night Angel!!

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